Arts Awards

These awards are all about inspiring young people to enjoy the arts and develop creative leadership skills.

Arts Award can be achieved at three levels: We currently offer Bronze and Silver.

For Bronze you:

  • Take part in an arts activity, anything from acting to creative writing to beat boxing
  • Go to an arts event of your choice
  • Find your arts hero or heroine, research their story, and discover how they got to where they are today
  • Share your skills by helping to run a workshop or by giving a demonstration to others

You build a portfolio of your ideas and activities in your own personal style and format. You might make a folder or sketchbook, a video diary or website - it's up to you. The Bronze Award will usually take you about 40 hours to complete.

For Silver you complete 2 units:

  • Unit 1 is about planning, achieving and reviewing a personal challenge in the arts. You’ll explore your chosen art form and find out how to enjoy it within your community.
  • Unit 2 is all about leadership. You will plan and carry out an arts project or lead regular arts sessions. It could include organising an event as part of a team, running clubs or workshops, or passing on skills to others.

As with Bronze, you create your own portfolio to gain the Silver Award. Pick your own style and format – diary style, video, online, slide show presentation, or something different altogether. The Silver Award will usually take you around 60 hours to complete.

Term DatesFees
No set term dates - call Mad Red and speak to JenBronze £120
Silver £160
fees include moderation fee

How do they compare to other qualifications?

Awards are offered at levels 1, 2 and 3 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (see table below)

LevelStandard you are working atComparable 
size in points - GCE exampleComparable size in points - graded exams exampleComparable size in points – other exampleComparable size in points - UCAS Tariff
BronzeD-G GCSE GradeN/AMusic/Drama Grade 1Level 1 Sports or Dance leadershipN/A
SilverA* - C GCSE GradeShort GCSEMusic/Drama Grade 3N/AN/A
GoldA’ LevelHalf an ASMusic/Drama Grade 6/7Level 3 Community Sports WorkAS Level C Grade (40) 
Higher Sports Leader Award (30)

For more information, ideas and examples of portfolios and projects visit