Youth Theatre

Young Stagers aged 6 to 19 years 

The Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich has had a thriving Youth Theatre for over forty years, providing strong foundations for young people looking for a hobby that boosts their self-confidence and a unique way of expressing themselves or those wanting to build a career in the theatre.

Our course has a two year syllabus and follows the academic year. Each term students will explore specific theatre skills at a level relevant to their age and ability.

They will experience a range of theatrical disciplines including story-telling, improvisation and devising, movement, mask work, characterisation, vocal development and how to approach text, whilst making new friends and having fun in a safe environment.

The final class of each term often takes the form of an open workshop, presentation of work in progress, or performance to which friends and family are invited.

Our older members are regularly invited to audition for our Production Group. We can also train young people in basic Stage Management.

The classes are run by our professional teaching staff, who continue to work in theatre themselves.

Cancellations  & Refunds

Please understand that we are a charity. We try to keep our costs and fees to a minimum but in this world of ever decreasing funding for the arts, every penny counts.

If Mad Red Theatre School or the Maddermarket Theatre has to cancel a project or class, a full or pro rata refund (whichever is appropriate) will be made to those who paid in advance.


If a student wishes to remove themselves from a class:

Youth Theatre – advanced payment only

·       Up to 1 week before term commences – full refund.

·       Less than 1 week before term commences - £20 will be kept towards admin fees

·       After term has commenced - £20 or pro rata (whichever is greater) from the date of notification


Youth Theatre Production Group – advanced payment only

·       Up to 2 week before term commences – full refund.

·       Less than 2 weeks before term commences - £50 will be kept towards admin fees and recasting

·       After term has commenced – no refund

Please note that if a cast member breaks the terms of their contract (i.e. misses more than one rehearsal, fails to learn lines, is consistently late, or behaves in a way that is detrimental to the project) they can be dismissed from the production without a refund. They may be given the opportunity to re-join classes instead.


Youth Theatre  – pay per session

·       No refund will be offered for sessions that have been paid for and completed.


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