In Real Life... Devised by the Company

Directed by Vivian Munn
Photographs by Sean Owen

This production was devised by the Mad Red Theatre School’s production group.

When rehearsals began the Director, Vivian Munn, set down certain restrictions.

The piece had to express the subject of Life, to be truly ensemble and the scenes created would be supported by music or sound and contain very little dialogue.

In the past the production group have usually used a recognised text therefore this concept was a challenge at first. He set the actors various exercises to help formulate their ideas and many scenes were rejected in favour of others. The preparation was fascinating to witness. Over time the pieces became quite surreal in nature and he actively encouraged this. They created some truly imaginative work, and we believe that processes like this will stand them in good stead when they return to a script in the near future.

In Real Life is a constantly changing piece of theatre.

We would like to thank the composers and sound designers, Simon Allen, Simon Dixon, Yvonne O’Reilly,and Laurence Scott for kindly donating their work, some especially written for this production.

Finally, a student quote from the rehearsal period pretty much sums up our project:
“Technically, we’ve been rehearsing this for the whole of our lives”.

“Aye l’ajo, orun n’ile”
“The world (life) is a journey; the
otherworld (afterlife) is home”
Yoruba proverb, Nigeria