The Miracle by Lin Coghlan

Directed by Vivian Munn

Photographs by P. King

In a town which could be your town, something strange has happened.

When the canal bursts its banks and a holy statue arrives through her bedroom floor, no one is more surprised  than 12-year-old Veronica. Soon the entire population of the town finds itself yearning unknowingly for something magical to come into their lives. With best friend Zelda at her side, Ron sets about using her new-found skills to heal her ailing community.

Thwarted at every turn by cynicism and jealousy the two girls don't have an easy time of it. In the play's dramatic conclusion, only Ron will have the power to turn things around and change them for the better, but will she have the courage to do it?

 " THE MIRACLE is about people having the nerve to reach out and grasp a second chance, and it is Ron's indomitable instinct to do something which turns out to be the catalyst for more than she might ever have imagined. I feel she would have very much approved of Goethe's take on things:

'Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.' "

Lin Coghlan.

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